Are you a healer, teacher, therapist or guide needing to attract those you can help transform?  

The world is undergoing a massive transition and we are confronted with our suffering and misalignment. 

Individuals waking up is perhaps one of the most important solutions.

We need our Spiritual Teachers and Healers now, more than ever. We need their insight, and we need their guidance, so that we all can heal through the shift.

My purpose is to help Spiritual Teachers and Healers reach to those who urgently need their wisdom.

Sharing your story through the powerful medium of documentary video attracts to you those you’re destined to serve.

Let me, help you, reach them. 

About BSP

As more and more people wake up and are confronted with the human condition of suffering, it pushes many to seek truth and wisdom. In the sea of spiritual teachers and healer’s it is often difficult to distinguish the true bearer’s of light based upon a written biography alone. 

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BSP Profiles

As a teacher or a healer sharing your journey is the key to building your reputation. This is where Black Sphinx Productions comes in, to craft your story in the most authentic possible way using documentary video so you are easier to find worldwide and resonate with individually. 

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Insight Posts

Along the journey of transformation there are many tidbits of wisdom I've gleaned from experience. As I come across profound teachings I offer my insight into their practical application to everyday life, so the esoteric is grounded and approachable.

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